digital panel meters special series


Series BAR is a range of meters with bar graph reading format, made of 30 segments in red color led.

Accepts process signals 4/20mA, 0/10Vdc, ±20mA, ±10Vdc and potentiometers. Reading from 0 to 100%. Provides +15Vdc excitation voltage to power the sensor The barpgraph scaling is configurable using the field correction functions.

Optional relay outputs and 4/20mA analog output signal retransmission. Series BAR is designed for industrial applications, where a fast visualization of the process state is appreciated, either from a level, pressure, or similar.

All circuits are isolated. Its internal architecture features a modular design providing field upgradable option cards, to expand functionality as needed.

Front percentage marks allow for both horizontal and vertical mount.

Fast access to alarm setpoint,s two 7 segment leds for fast and easy configuration, external control with configurable function to activate led tests or miliammeter/voltmeter function to read the input signal in mA or Vdc

Five configurable brightness levels, and password function.

For industrial applications.

  • Segment
    Special instruments
  • Type
    Bar meter
  • Function
    Process measure
    Potentiometer measure
  • Digits
    30 segment bar
  • Excitation voltage
    +15Vdc (max. 30mA)
  • Digit type
    Led bar
  • Led color
  • Power
    24Vdc isolated
    MBR – 20-240Vdc, 60-240Vac,±10%
  • IP protection
    IP50 front
    IP52 front
    IP65 front
  • Mounting
    Panel mount
  • Front size
    96x48mm front size