Series OEM


CCT-100 is a simple but effective signal isolator for current loops. It is designed for industrial OEM applications.

The CCT-100 instrument does not need any type of configuration, and is powered from the input signal loop. Simply install on the DIN rail, and connect the input and output terminals.

The output current will be the same as the input current, plus an isolation between them. With a competitive price, the instrument CCT-100 still provides a very good 2000Veff isolation level between input and output circuits. Without doubt, an ideal instrument for easy isolation on industrial applications

Accepts process signals (mA and Vdc), thermocouples (K, J, N, E, T, R, S, B), resistive temperature probes (Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000, Ni100, Ni1000, PTC and NTC), resistances and potentiometers. Easy configuration with configuration codes.

Recommended for machine manufacturers, integrators and resellers.

Isolator OEM for mA signals, loop powered
Input Signals 4/20mA, 0/50mA,
Input : output relation 1:1
Output Signals same as input
Isolation levels (test 50 Hz, 60 seconds) 2000 Veff input-output
Mounting DIN rail
Width 22.5mm
Weight <100 gr
Configuration does not need configuration
Power loop powered from the input current
Protection IP30
Notes isolator, loop powered from the input current loop