Series OEM


Multisignal low cost isolated signal converter. Standard DIN rail mount. Configurable by configuration codes.

Accepts process signals (mA and Vdc), thermocouples (K, J, N, E, T, R, S, B), resistive temperature probes (Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000, Ni100, Ni1000, PTC and NTC), resistances and potentiometers. Easy configuration with configuration codes.

Recommended for machine manufacturers, integrators and resellers.

OEM Isolators and signal converters
Signals Process (4/20mA, 0/10Vdc), Includes excitation voltage.
Pt100 (2 and 3 wires), Pt500, Pt1000
Thermocouples (K,J,E,N,R,S, T)
Resistances (0/100K,0/50K, 0/25K, 0/10K, 0/5K y 0/2.5K)
Potentiometers (from 500R up to 20K)
Ni100, Ni1000
NTC (R25=10K and ‘Beta’ =3500)
Vexc inclued (+15Vdc, max. 30mA)
Output Signals 4/20mA active
4/20mA pasive
Isolation 3 ways (input/output/ power)
Isolation levels 2300 Veff (60 seconds)
Width 22.5mm
Weight <150 gr.
Configuration configuration menu and keypad
Power 18 to 265 Vac/dc (50/60 Hz)
Protection IP30
Notes Configuration keypad behind the front cover (keypad and digits) (configuration menu by codes) Easy configuration.
Versatile. Simple signal output configuration. Functions ‘Force Low’ and ‘Force High’ to generate high and low output signals, to verify remote instrumentatin during installation.