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Isolated signal converter for AC/DC signals. Output signal in 4/20mA and 0/10Vdc. Isolated 3 ways.

Isolators and signal converters
Input Signals Voltages AC phase-phase and phaseneutral, ranges from 0/50mVac up to 0/600Vac,
Measure True RMS currents AC phase-phase and phaseneutral,
Ranges from 0/5mAac up to 0/5Aac voltages DC unipolar and bipolar, ranges from 0/50mVdc up to 0/600Vdc (and ±50mVdc to ±600Vdc)
Currents DC unipolar and bipolar, ranges from 0/5mAdc up to 0/5 Adc (and ±5mAdc to ±5Adc) frequencies from AC power lines, up to 100Hz
Isolation levels (tested 60 seconds) 3000 Veff input-output
3000 Veff input- power
3000 Veff output- power
Output Signals 4/20mA, 0/10Vdc, others
Isolation 3000Veff, 3 ways
Mounting DIN rail
Width 22.5mm
Weight <100 gr
Configuration configuration menu and predefined codes configurable from front key pad + display
Power 18 to 265 Vac/dc
Protection IP30
Notes Configurable from front key pad