Bearing Test Rig

VSK analysed the computers programme format and mapped the machines physical layout before carefully starting to work through the potential faults with the Rig. The work was completed in a timely manner, with plenty of attention for the machines delicate equipment. Following the resolved issue we had requested a Maintenance contract and current layout plan, which included pneumatic layout and Lab view software usage. The request was carried out within a matter of days and met our standards exactly. Bowman happily regards VSK Consultants as its main provider for breakdown and maintenance service.

Adam YatesMechanical Engineer

Automated Thermal Test Rig

VSK Test Solutions have played a vital role in the designing and implementation of hardware and software for an automated test rig. The team at VSK have been paramount in helping us to achieve an automated solution for very complex product testing computer premise equipment.

The team at VSK was pivotal in supporting us integrate various instruments with different interfaces and communications protocols. Their attention to the requirements details and their innovative approach was critical in delivering a solution that exceeded our expectations.

When there is no off-the-shelf solution you can trust VSK to provide you a customized hardware or software kit that suits your testing needs.

Erchin AlimseitSenior CPE Certification Engineer

Automotive Inertial Test System

VSK Test Solutions have played a vital role in the designing and implementation of hardware and software for an automated test rig. The team at VSK have been paramount in helping us to achieve an automated solution for very complex product testing.

The result was 70% reduction in the cycle time of final testing of the product which in turn has allowed us to increase our output significantly!!

What really stood with VSK was how supportive and innovative they were. We have many hurdle to overcome in achieving this test solution but by working closely together along with the help of their invaluable knowledge and creative thinking we overcome with these hurdles.

We have since used them for other smaller projects and they have continued to exceed our expectations.

Anthony LoxtonManager

Aerospace – Motor Drive Test Rig

VSK Test Solutions has been critical to the development and delivery of test solutions for UTC Aerospace Systems.

VSK Team has delivered the software design for the NI Test Platform used to test the A350 ETRAC. Their understanding of NI Test Platforms has been critical to the success of this project. In addition to this, VSK’s strong background in NI Test Platforms has been a valuable asset in support of in service rigs. He has been a great asset to the team and critical in our current and future successes of developing NI Test Platforms.

Josh ParkinTest Development Manager

KE Valve Brake Test Rig

VSK Consultants have been integral to the successful implementation of the hardware and software for the KE Distributor Valve Brake Test Rig at Plasser UK Ltd. Our new test rig has allowed us to operate efficiently with the increase in workflow for this side of our business.

The collaborated effort between myself and Puneet ensured that our initial criteria was far exceeded. I would highly recommend working with Puneet and the team at VSK Consultants; the dedication, commitment and continual flexibility from VSK Consultants are key reasons that this project was a success.

Shahnawaz AbdalenusWorkshop Support Engineer

LabVIEW Automated Test Sequencer

“VSK Test Solutions has successfully designed and developed LabView Production Test Sequencer for Radio Transmitter Receiver Devices. Their work was professional with precision”

PedroTest Engineer

Thermal Chamber Software

“We had recently been let down by our previous Labview developer which had failed to deliver a product to specification. After two years of troubleshooting and further investment we decided to step away. VSK Test solutions was recommended to us by a member of National Instruments team. We had contacted Puneet, to which we had explained our project’s situation and past experience with previous developer. Puneet looked at the current status of our software/ source code, along with our outstanding list of issues. Puneet advised on additional improvements and fixes, also providing a clear direction as to remaining costs and lead time for the issues to be resolved.

VSK Test Solutions has been persistent with their communications regarding our project, from start to finish. VSK have a well organised approach on tasks set out. VSK allow their clients to see any work/ modifications that has been carried out, using Git Hub (online diary for software versions and revised modifications).  We would like to say a great thank you to Puneet, Sunil and team for their service. Your work has been much appreciated!

Ben OramControl Systems Engineer