Battery Testing Control and Safety System

“The design and development of a safety system to monitor and control a lithium-ion battery and start a fire suppression procedure if smoke or fire is sensed.”

Battery Control and Safety System

Hydrogen Fuel Supply Safety System

“The design and development of a system to monitor and control the flow of hydrogen within a hydrogen-pumped engine to ensure stability and enable a shutdown sequence if any fault is detected.”

Breakout Box

HIL Test Rack Validates the Gas Turbine Marine Engine

“Due to End of Life and minimal technical information of the Over 25 years Old HIL Test Rack, the Challenge was not only to Design, Development & Commissioning of HIL Test Rack for the Gas Turbine Marine Engine but also to make sure it works with over 25 years Old Marine Engine Controller.”


Automotive Inertial Navigation System Test Solution

“Design, Development & Commissioning of an Automated Production Test (APT) solution of inertial navigation system for automotive dynamic measurement (to track the position and orientation of an object relative to a known starting point) to reduce the test time and test all the parameters using one system.”

UUT Rack

NI LabVIEW / TestStand, PXI Enhances Aircraft Motor Drive Qualification and Production Test

“Development of a common hardware & software architecture for various motor drives unit qualification and production test. Used NI PXIe Hardware platform with LabVIEW & Teststand Software to develop efficient and robust solution for Environmental, Power Quality & Production Testing of Motor Drive Control Unit.”

NI LabVIEW / TestStand

Designing and Development of Automated Thermal Test Laboratory Solution for Wireless Customer-Premises Equipment (CPE)

“Complex Wireless Customer-Premises Equipment (CPE) testing can be challenging due to wide range of functionality and required testing.  We needed a system that has the ability to automate software & hardware components to test CPE more efficiently and cost-effectively.”

CPE Case Study