Testers with a Battery Cell

Why do test engineers need to test Battery Cells?

Manufacturing of safe, reliable, and top-performing electric vehicle (EV) batteries demands rigorous testing of the hundreds of battery cells and modules. With the growing consumer demand for EVs, battery manufacturers and OEMs are pressured to accelerate production—without sacrificing precision, repeatability, and traceability. To minimize the risk of failure and damaging recalls, EV test engineers need to:

  • Perform different tests like weld integrity, open-circuit voltage (OCV), and AC internal resistance (AC-IR) during assembly and finishing of battery cells and modules
  • Shorten test times to meet production volume with zero compromises on test precision and quality
  • Precisely control test probes at high speed to make measurements on test cells and modules
  • Make extremely precise measurements at high speed for high channel counts and long test runs
  • Use their test data to drive insights that help them continuously improve the test process

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